Chapters 1-3:

1. Identify: Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer, Jim, Miss Watson and Widow Douglas.

Huck Finn is a bord character who wants adventer, and diagrees with everything the widow says. Tom Sawyer is a very risky, adventerous and troublsome boy. Jim is a slave, owned by Mrs. Watson, he is very superstious. Mrs. Watson is Widow Doulas's sister, and Widow Douglas is the care taker od Huck Finn.


2.Why doesn't Huck get along with Miss Watson and Widow Douglas?

Because they make him do things he doesn't want to do, like wear tight and un-comfortable clothes. And he must come on their command.


3.What does Huck think about religeon - specifically the good and the bad place and prayer?

He thinks he wants to go to the bad place because he assumes that Tom will be their.


4.Give at least two examples of superstition in this section of the novel?

One: Jims magic hairball that can tell the future.

Two: When Jim thinks he is ridden around by witches


5.Contrast Huck and tom. What are their main differances?

Huck, wants adventure but is not the go getter kind of boy. Tom is a go getter and doesn't mind getting dirty, for something he wants.



Chapters 4-7:

1. Why did Huck give his money to Judge Thatcher?

So Huck's father cannot take his fortune when he becomes the legal guardian of his son.

2.Describe Pap Finn. What kind of person is he?

Pap Finn is an abusive rat who will beat his child, get drunk and take his sons fortune.

3.What is Hucks attitude towards his father?

Huck hates his father and is affraid of him.

4. Why does Pap yell at Huck for becoming civilized?

Because he doesn't want his son to have better than him.

5. What was hucks plan of escape from his father?

He stole all his fathers supplies and used a canoe he found drifting in the river, to escape. He then killed a pig using an axe and pushed it into the river, so that people would think someone robbed the cabin and killed him.

6. How do you know that material things don't matter to Huck?

Huck gives away everything he ever gets. He also destroys the few things he and his father own in order to cover his escape.



Chapters 8-11:

1.What purpose does Hucks death serve?

So know one will come looking for him, and so can live on his own and be free.

2.How does Huck meet Jim on Jackson's island? Why is Jim there?

By exploring the island early in the morning one day, finding a recent campfire and then going back to the spot later that night finding Jim there. Jim was there because he heard that Mrs. Watson was going to sell him down to New Orleans for $800 dollars.

3.What is in the two story house that floats by?

A body of a man who was shot in the back.

4. Give three examples of Man vs. Society in this section.

In chapters 8 and 9, Huck feels that being on the island, separated from society, has removed him from the conflict of dealing with the demands of others: “I wouldn’t want to be nowhere else but here.” Huck wants to escape the ridiculous fighting and prejudices and expectations society imposes.

However, he realizes that this oasis is unrealistic and that he must help Jim escape, even if people will call him a "low down abolitionist."

Things get stickier for Huck when he learns that people back home, first thinking Pap had killed Huck, now believe that Jim is the murderer. Huck must once again come into conflict with society by continuing to protect his friend.


5. How are the townspeople superstitious? Jim? Huck? Give examples.

Superstition is a constant motif throughout the novel, shown as pervading the society of the South. One example from these chapters is the search for Huck's body. He is awoken by the sound of cannons firing, which is supposed to bring a dead body to the surface. This seems to be a satiric treatment of the theme of superstition, particularly since the participants are the educated townspeople. In addition to the cannons, the townspeople load a loaf of bread with mercury, which is also supposed to locate the body. Ironically, the floating bread on the water finds Huck as it was meant to do.

In Chapter 10 superstition is evident again, particularly when the rattlesnake bites Jim. The morning after seeing the floating house, Huck wants to discuss the dead man, but Jim says talking about it will bring bad luck. Although he is simply covering for the fact that the dead man was Huck's father, he is using superstition to do so. Huck argues that touching a snakeskin with his hands was supposed to have brought bad luck too, but instead they found all those useful items in the floating house, including money. However, the bad luck is revealed when Huck plays a joke on Jim by putting a dead rattlesnake in his blanket. When Jim goes to bed, the snake’s mate is curling around the dead snake and bites Jim in the heel. Jim thinks his bad luck is attributed to the fact that Huck touched a snakeskin with his bare hands a few days ago, but Huck knows the real reason. He is aware that he acted irresponsibly when he put the dead rattlesnake in Jim’s blanket for a joke. Although it is too late, he remembers that the mate of a dead snake will come later and curl around it.

While some of the superstitions play out in the novel, Twain makes his audience aware that he is mocking these beliefs and revealing the folly of those who live by them. According to him, it is the same kind of thinking which leads to racism and slavery

6.Compare/contrast Huck and Jim.

Despite the racial differences, Huck and Jim are basically on the same playing field. Both are under the control of older, white males and have limited control over their lives. Jim may be a slave, but Huck is a minor and technically the property of his father.

Also, both Huck and Jim are supperstitous and have a limited education.

7. Why does Huck dress as a girl to go ashore? Why does he go? What does he find out?

Huck dress's like a girl to disguise himself when he goes ashore to find out information on what the town is saying about him and Jim.

8. How do you know Huck and Jim are friends by the end of chapter XI?

Because there is a sense of care for one another.



Chapter 12-14:

1. Why do Huck and Jim begin their journey down the Mississippi?

Huck needed to run away from his father and Jim is running away to a town where he can be free.

2.Why to Huck and Jim board the water scott?

To investigate and salvage goods.

3.Why does Huck want to save Jim Turner?

Because Huck feels bad for the robber and he thinks he will be a murderer one day.

4.How does Huck send help to the water Scott?

By telling some towns folk about the wreckage and stranded robbers.

5. What do we learn from Jim from his talking about "King Sollermun"?

He thinks that he is fool for wanting to chop a baby in half.



Chapters 15-18:

1.What trick does Huck play on Jim?

He convinces Jim that he was dreaming a senario in which he and Huck got seperated that night when their rafts got away from each other. After word he relizes he has hurt Jims feeling and Apologizes to him.

2.Why doesn't Huck turn in Jim?

Because Huck and Jim are becoming friends now, and Huck would never betray a friend.

3. Why dont the slave hunters get Jim?

Because Huck tells them that Jim has small pox, and the slave hunters don't want to catch it so they stay away from the raft.

4. Explain the differences between huck and the hunters?

The hunters want to turn black escaping black slaves in, but Huck is trying to help free one.

5.What is the bad luck in chapter 16?

The snake skin on the island.

6. How does Huck get to the Grangerfords?

When he got seperated from Jim when the steam boat and raft crashed and Huck got cornered by the dogs.

7. Why did Twain include this adventure with the Grangerfords?

To make fun of fueds which he thought were stupid and pointless.




1.How did Jim and Huck meet the King and Duke?

Huck and Jim meet the Duke and the King when they are both on the run from failed enterprises as con men (the Duke had been selling something to take the tartar off teeth - only it took the enamel off took, and the King had been running a temperence revival, and his followers found out he'd been drinking). The both run down to the river, and beg Huck and Jim to take them on board their raft, because the dogs are after them.

2. Does Huck believe their story?

 No, Huck didn't believe their story. He says "It didn't take me long to make up my mind that these liars warn't no kings nor dukes, at all, but just low-down humbugs and frauds. But I never said nothing,never let on, kept it to myself; it's the best way,; then you don't have no quarrels, and don't get into no trouble."

3.Give two examples of the "cleverness" of the king and duke.

The King and Duke are quite clever at conning money out of people. they seize every opportunity that comes along, like when the king insinuates himself into the camp-meeting and convince everyone that he's a reformed sinner, and takes up a collection, and the Duke meanwhile sells subscriptions to a paper that will never be published. As petty con-men they manage to do quite well. And they frequently manage to get away by the skin of their teeth.

4.Why did the people retun to the show?

The people return to the terrible show the Duke and King put on because they want to get revenge on the King and the Duke, they are planning to pelt them with rubbish and probably worse, but they get away.

5. Whats the Point of the incident of the shooting of Boggs?

I think the point of the shooting of Boggs is to show how lawless and violent life was in that part of the country at the time, and how suddely a person's life could be ended.

6. Why do we hear about Jims daughter "Lizabeth"?

The storyof Jim's daughter Lizbeth is very touching and I think is meant to show how deep Jim's feeling for his family are, and also perhaps to show that you shouldn't make hasty judgements about people (Jim slaps Lizbeth for not shutting the door when he tells her, without realising that the child has gone deaf).

7. Where did the King and duke get their plan about being the Wilks brothers?

The king and the Duke get their plan to pretend to be the Wilks brothrers because they meet the Reverend Elexander Blodgett, who knows the Wilks brothers, and who unwittingly reveals to the King and the Duke all the details they need to know to pretend to be the Wilks brothers succesfully.



Chapters 26-31:

1. How to the king and duke get the money?

The king and the Duke get the money by pretending to be the brothers of Peter Wilks, who has died, and left a lot of gold to his brothers(his brothers have lived in England for many years, so nobody knows what they look like). They also get more gold when the nieces of Peter Wilks who think that Duke and King are their uncles give their own share of the money to the Duke and the King to show they trust them (the doctor who realises them Duke and king are con-men has told the nieces, but they don't believe him).

2. Why does Huck steal the money from the mattress?

Huck steals the money because he doesn't want the Duke and the King to have it, he wants to return it to the rightful owners, the nieces, but he is afraid to do it openly for fear of what the Duke and the King might do to him, so he plans to hide it in the coffin of Peter Wilks, and give a message to Mary Jane, the niece who he likes the best, to tell her where it is hidden.

3.Why does't Hucks conscience bother him when he lies so much?

Huck's conscience does bother him, sometimes, it bothers him especially when he has to lie to Mary Jane because he really likes her and admires and hates to lie to her

4.What things give away the King and duke?

They start to argue.

5.Why is Huck upset when Jim is sold?

Huck is upset when Jim is sold, because Jim is his friend and he likes him and wants to help him.

6.Why is it important that Huck says, "all right, then I'll go to hell."?

The moment when Huck says "All right then,, I'll go to hell" is the climax of the novel. it is the moment when Huck, who is a very muddled thinker, believes he is doing something sinful by helping Jim escape, but nevertheless decides to follow the dictates of his own conscience rather than doing what he believes to be right (i.e. returning Jim to his rightful owner, Miss Watson). of course, he is really doing the right thing, the decent thing, in helping Jim to escape, but he doesn't think he is, and believes he will go to hell for helping Jim to escape. Nevertheless, because Jim is his friend and he loves him, he is prepared to go to hell for his sake.



Chapters 32-39:

1. Why does Huck assume Tom Sawyer's identity?

Huck assumes Tom's identity because Tom's aunt mistakes him for Tom, and he goes along with it so that he can try and rescue Jim.

2.What Happens when Tom appears on the scene?

When Tom appears he pretends to be his own brother, Sid, and starts to complicate the situation with Jim.

3. What's difference between Tom's plan from freeing Jim and Huck?

Huck's plan for rescuing Jim is simple, Tom's is absurdly complicated.

4. How does Huck change when Tom comes?

Huck becomes passive when tom arrives and lets him take charge, he seems to lose any ability to act for himself.

5.Tom's plan is actually cruel. Why?

Tom's plan is very cruel because he knows that Jim is really free, yet he pretends he is not just in order to be able to play a game of escpaing prisoners. He lets Jim go on thinking he is still a runaway slave, whereas in fact he is a free man. It is a monstrously cruel thing to do.

6. What more do wwe learn about Tom in these chapters?

We learn that Tom cares more about fantasy than reality, and that he doesn't rate people's feelings very highly. Tom emerges very badly from this part of the book, he does not seem lovable and brave like he does in 'Tom Sawyer' but selfish and childish. Huck seems passive and helpless, and Jim allows himself to be made a plaything. It is a very, very weak and poor ending to the book.


Chapters 40-43:

1.How does Huck appear to be superior to Tom?

Huck is more mature than Tom. Tom is very imaginative and comes up with very creative schemes, but they might not be the most reasonable. Even though Huck wants to be more like Tom, he has a more rational way of looking at the world.

2. What happens to Jim?

I think it is implied that Jim and Huck lived together and shared the money that they found

3. What Happen to tom?

He makes a full recovery and wears the bullet from is leg around his neck.

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